E-mail to Tory 10.8.2003


Of course I think about you from time to time.  You’re going to laugh at what brought on the memories this time.  I downloaded a bunch of songs from Kazaa and was listening to Dr. Evils “Dr. Evil Rap,”  you know the one where he sings the Will Smith “Just the Two of Us” with his own lyrics.

“From the moment, I heard Frau say I had a clone, I knew I’d be safe because I’d never be alone.” ” Getting jiggy with it…. yea, mmmm,, quite pleasant really.”   ha ha ha I remembered that you could do excellent Dr. Evil impersonations.

As for Jandro, we keep in contact every 6 months or so.  I really don’t know what he is up to at the moment besides still living in the Baltimore / D.C. area.  As for Scott, yea I got his mass e-mail.  Glad to see he found his place.  He was wondering what to do with himself for a while.  I also wonder what language he will learn.  He mentioned Japanese / Chinese and I’d like to hear his impressions on the language if he starts to learn them. Japanese is so dang difficult!!!!

So you’re thinking about buying a house!!!  Wow.  It makes me feel old when I hear of my friends doing those types of things.  But I guess we aren’t getting any younger are we.  It amazes me how fast time is going by now.  I remember time used to go a lot slower in High School.

I wish you the best of luck with everything Tory!  Also, if you wish to keep tabs on me I still have my website that I update once in a great while.


El Guapo


—– Original Message —–
From: Tory
To: Mateo
Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2003 8:40 AM
Subject: ¡Mateo!!

> Hola Mateo
>      Hey sweets! So good to hear from you again!! I
> know I slack big time, sorry!! So anyway, life hasnt
> been too bad. My summer rocked, I traveled all around
> California and it is so beautiful and there is so much
> to see and do, I love it!! School started the first
> week of september, can you believe this is my fourth
> year teaching already!! Yes I absolutely love teaching
> still. I loved the article you sent me, how true, how
> true. I printed it out and will put it in the faculty
> lounge all the teachers will get a big kick out of
> it!!
>     Good to know your still thinking about me every
> once in a while. Karen and I get together all the time
> and of course we talk about Spain!! She actually just
> went to D.C and saw Alejandro!! Do you still talk to
> him?? Scott also sent a mass email out, did you get
> that? Saying he is now in the Air Force studying to be
> a translator, he is stationed near Monterray, which is
> beautiful, I went there this summer.
>    Yes I am still with the same guy, the
> marine/sheriff. Can you believe thats going on four
> years as well!! And I still dont know if he is the
> one, and he is so not ready for marriage, but we are
> talking about buying a house very soon, just because
> the apartment life is getting old and expansive might
> as well have a house.
>     So you have one more year of study left in Japan,
> then any thoughts of coming back to the states, maybe
> living in California. I bet if there is one place you
> could live and be happy here it would be California.
> Are you still dating the many Japanese girls?? You
> stud muffin you.
>    Well sugar buns it was great to hear from you and I
> would love to keep in touch a litte more often. Take
> care of yourself and email soon.
>                                 Con amor,
>                                   Tory

By Mateo de Colón

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