E-mail to Glenda 8.25.2003


I thought you didn’t use this e-mail anymore and boom I get an e-mail.  It’s funny because I’m here in Columbus right now sitting at my parents house.  I got home on August 15th and will leave again Sept 8th.  Ever since I got home I’ve been busy.  The family is taking me all over the place as is German.  I also went up to PSU for a few days to help Ross move back to Columbus.  Now I’m just at my house trying to get some studying and reading done.  I just need a few days of peace and my batteries will be recharged.  I have no peace in Tokyo.  It’s nice just to be somewhere where I can read without the sound of loud motorbikes and ambulances. 

This weekend we are going to do some drinking and go to the OSU game.  Are you going to be on Campus at all?  Also, German will probably throw a party at his new loft in the “battleship” building in the arena district.  Let me know what you are planning on doing and hopefully we can hook up. 



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Hi Matt!!  so sorry it took me so long to reply-crazy busy with looking for a job and vacation (went to nyc) and stuff!  how is my little white-boy-turned-asian friend? i checked out your website-pretty cool. a lot of drunkeness!  how is everything with your girl-sorry, i’m not even going to attempt to speel her name-i don’t want to mess up!  When are you coming back to visit? -Notice I said “visit” since I know that you’ll probably never be in the same continent with me. I still look for flights to tokyo every once in a while.  I just need to come up with the money and time!  well, let me know how everything is going there on the complete opposite side of the world! take care! miss you-glenda

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>Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 18:45:55 +0900




>U still use this address?



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