Journal Entry – 5.29.2000

Well, I’m just sitting here being a little sad.  I’m listening to Midnight Train to Georgia.  It makes me remember PSU and spending time up there.  Now Ross is graduated and it will never be the same.  College went by too damn fast and I’m still in it!! I wish I could do it all over.  I remember all the good times I had up at PSU and I can never go back to that.  Sure I can go back to PSU but the same guys won’t be there and Ross is graduated and people move on. 

This really sucks.  I feel a little left behind because I’m the last of all the people my age still in school.  I had soo much fun in college.  I think the best times were the parties at the Frat and at Penn State.  I had such a good time but it’s ending!!!  Actually I’ll be in France, and things will be incredible for six months but I’ll soon have to return.  Hopefully I’ll be able to fufill my dream of living in Europe and I won’t stop until I do.  However, I’ll still be sad that college is over.  This is so weird,, I’m still in college yet I feel as though it is over.  Actually, it kind of is in a sense because I live off campus and don’t do anything but go to class. 

Sure I go to bars now and then, but it’s not the crazy experience I used to have.  Ok,, enough rambling on about this point.  Finals week is coming up after this coming week and I need to start studying.  Actually I wasted this whole weekend and didn’t study at all.  Ok, the weekend wasn’t actually wasted because It was my sister’s and I birthdays.  It was good, but I wish I wouldn’ve gotten this stupid case done that I have to do.  I am meeting with my team tomorrow and haven’t done it yet.  Actually I won’t do it until I’m done playing on my computer.  I’m just a little sentimental right now and it sucks.  I can never go back to college and it’s all I’ve known for the past 5 years.  I think I’m sad because all my friends have graduated.  I’m a leftover.  But I’ll be a TRILINGUAL business stud leftover so it’s worth it!  Ok back to other news. 

I finally called Tory after almost a year of not talking to her.  She called me back today and she is coming down for after finals week.  I can’t believe that happened.  It’s really weird.  But, it will be nice to “see” her again, and party like old times.  There is also a pool party that weekend which will make things great!!  Ok, going back to being sentimental.  I CAN’T believe I feel like College is over because most of my friends have graduated and I’m still here.  Ok, enough bitching..  Things are good.

By Mateo de Colón

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