Mexico – 6.29.1999


It was a very long day.  Last night we had a formal dinner and the teachers got us wasted.  We have to get up at 7AM everyday and have class until 4.  It’s like going back to high school since we have class all day and are around the same group.  This trip is structured so different from the easy program in Spain.  Here we actually have to do a lot of work and it’s intense.  We have one Spanish class comprised of students of all different Spanish levels.  The teacher talks soo slow so everyone can understand.  I dread that class.

I don’t know what I think of Mexico yet.  I try not to compare it to Spain but it’s hard.  I get so homesick for Spain when they talk about the Spanish influence here.  I got a big shock when I found out Spaniards aren’t really liked here.  I met a Spaniard last night at the bar and we instantly got along.  I could see the tension between him and a Mexican Indian.  

I know I definitely prefer Spain over Mexico but I’m going to try and get the best experience I can while here.  I also have to quit comparing this trip to Spain.  I think it’s the long hours of class that I don’t like the most.  However, I’m here to learn and I really do want to learn about Mexico.  It gets hard though because of all the references to Spain.  I love Spain and hopefully Mexico will become my second favorite country.  If not, it’s going to be a long six weeks.  


By Mateo de Colón

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