Steve Frabott II – Memorial Post

This is a memorial post for my childhood friend Steve Frabott.

Steve – I’ll never forget the great times at the dollar movies and your skill at making fake IDs.  You were a good dude. I came to see you one last time at the funeral home and it was surreal seeing you like that.  Someone had also stuck a joint behind your ear which I couldn’t decide if it was in bad taste or something that you would have appreciated.

Lantern Article:

Friends Remember Accident Victim

A yellow ribbon wraps the sycamore tree in front of the house at 81 E. Lane Ave. today.Inside the brick duplex, friends and roommates mourn the death of Steve Frabott II, who died after falling from the tree late Tuesday night.Frabott’s roommate, Chelsea Harris, said no one was sure why he was climbing the tree. Harris said he believes Frabott must have been entertaining someone, although no one else was home when he fell. Frabott fell 30 to 40 feet and landed in the eastbound lane of Lane Avenue when the branch he was on broke, Harris said. Before police and emergency personnel arrived, two friends came by and dragged Frabott onto the porch, Harris said. Rescue workers tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate Frabott at the scene, she said.He was pronounced dead at 9:56 p.m. Tuesday night, said a hospital spokesman.Harris said Frabott was not enrolled at Ohio State.Frabott was everybody’s best friend, said Ryan Lee, one of Frabott’s friends.’He liked being with his friends,’ Lee said. ‘He tried to entertain everyone, to show them a good time.’Frabott’s girlfriend, Ellen Kosnik, said he had just told her Tuesday that he was happy the way things were going in their relationship.’He will always be in my heart and prayers,’ Kosnik said. ‘And I love him.’ Frabott is survived by his mother, Sheri Lee Day; his brother, Shane Frabott; his step-father, Anthony Craig Palmer and father Steven Robert Joseph Frabott.People who wish to pay their respects may do so today from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. at John Quint and Sons Funeral Home, 1177 W. 5th Ave. The funeral will be held at 12:30 p.m. Friday.

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