Journal Entry – 6.23.1998

Today was a pretty good day.  I got up went to my phonics class. Then was arte de Toledo.  That class goes by pretty fast.  Then I walked to Zoco for no apparent reason. 

After that I ate lunch.  We had this really good sopa de moriscos.  I ate 4 bowls.  Then I took a nap and woke up 15 minutes late for my phonics class.  After that we went to Cuatro Tiempos and I met up with Carmen.  It was Alejandro, Jenny, Victor, Yuki, Amina, and the other girl who I forgot her name.  That was fun then I walked Carmen to the bus stop.    

But anyways that was my day.  Not much happened.  God I love España.  I really do not want to go back to the U.S.  I really should write about my travels but it will take so long and I just can’t get motivated to do it.  Time has gone by so fast here.  I can’t believe I’ve been here 5 months already.  The old Fundies are all gone.  Then new ones are here.  José is leaving this coming week.  Time has passed so fast.  The more I think about it the more I get depressed about the old Fundies.  I will probably never see half of them again.  It was such an experience here.  I am so glad I came.  I really never want to leave.  But I don’t want anyone else to leave either.  I can’t believe it’s been a month and a half already since I moved out of my Spanish mom’s house.  That was my home for 3 and a half months.  It’s so cool that I can understand Spanish so well now. 

Things have really changed and I have really changed.  I will be back to Spain.  This experience has changed my life forever and it’s sad to think that I only have a little over a month left.  Ok enough of thinking about that.  

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! \(^.^)/