Journal Entry – 2.19.1998

OK I was really sick.  I have stayed home all day today.  I have to get over this.  I think it’s the flu.  I felt like shit last Monday and that night I couldn’t sleep, I had a fever and started sweating and my sheets were soaked.  Then I started freezing and after that sweating again.  It sucked.  I couldn’t make it to my morning classes on Tuesday but went there in the afternoon.  Tuesday night I couldn’t sleep that well but went to class Wednesday.  I was OK till about 3 then I got a huge fever and felt like hell.  So today I have stayed in all day and took my pills.  I’ll be OK.  Tomorrow we are going to take the path Don Quixote took. 

I have to be well for that so I am just chillin’ now.  I am bored outta my friggin’ mind though.  At home I can read the paper go driving do anything.  Here it is either study Spanish, play on my computer or go into town to see the shops I have seen a billion times.  I do miss home a lot but all I have to think about is how cool it will be to be able to speak another language.  Sometimes I wish I would’ve gone to Mexico and be with Mario.  Oh well, I gotta quit cryin.. I mean I’m in Spain for goodness-sakes.  Who wouldn’t give their right arm to have this kind of opportunity.

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! \(^.^)/