Journal Entry – 1.1.1993

Well Christmas came and went. My grandma came over for Christmas and it was pretty fun. I got my pool table and Sonic Two. Other than that I got boxers and hankies. Ryan got me a tarantula.

Today is Friday and Christmas break is almost over. I am kind of depressed but other than that i am OK. I am nervous about mid-terms . I don’t  really want to go back to school. For New Years Eve I went to Ryan’s with Jonathan and we got drunk.  It was pretty fun but i won’t do it often at all.

Jonathan got his speakers today and tonight we went to the dollar movies with Sam and Brendan then played pool here. I really hate English class, I have to write in my Journal for the whole quarter but something I hate even worse is that stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid shitty course i have to take on Sunday from two o’clock to five. It is so damn boring and I am the only one in it so it’s just me and that fucking dork that teaches it. He actually thinks I will go to the center and listen to the tapes of the classes. He is a fucking nerd and I hate him.

I think that Christmas went to fast and at the same time it went slow. This computer is a pain in the ass it doesn’t have enough storage room. I am very depressed, once those stupid classes are over and English gets easier i will be happy.

My dad gave me a beer on Christmas day it was my first one.

About two nights ago i had Kevin and Tony over to spend the night. We stayed up all night and played pool and watched movies. Then in the morning we went to McDonald’s then downtown, then to Grandview and I went to sleep in the back and I woke up once and we were on Trabue and I thought we were going home but when I woke up again we were in Franks Nursery parking lot it was weird, so then we went home and played some more pool then finally went to sleep.

——Notes from 2014———–

Past me –
a.) You’ll write in your Journal for two decades – It is a good thing.
b.)You’ll drink many many more beers, but then discover wine at 26.  Wine is nectar from the divine
c.) You’ll continue to try and master the English language and will never cease trying to do so.  
d.) Watch the run on sentences.  Take a breath and use a period once in a while. 
e.) Stop using bad words – it is trashy
f.) You’ll become a nerd in college – appreciate nerds, they are all the rage after 2000.  
*Note – The computer was an Apple IIC

By Mateo de Colón

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