Journal Entry – English Class 11.7.1991

Theme:  What really gets to me

Today I about broke my neck in gym doing a back bridge.  Yesterday we had conditioning and we had an Indian run and I got a cramp but I didn’t stop.  

Things that really bother me is when I’m watching TV and everybody has to come down and watch it with me.  I hate it when my mom is going somewhere and she just stops and stares at the TV and makes comments on what I’m watching.  I also hate it when all my friends come into my room and mess it up because I like everything nice and organized.  I also hate when my little sister acts like my mom.  EX: I burped and she goes “What do you say?”

It’s snowing today and I love snow for a couple of reasons:

1. Sometimes school gets cancelled
2. It’s fun to play in
3. It’s neat to watch

Today it hasn’t snowed much and I want it to snow a lot.  

By Mateo de Colón

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