Steven Michael Srodkowski (Sarcopski / Rhodes)

Steven Michael Srodkowski (Sarcopski / Rhodes)

Steven you are not forgotten

This is a memorial post for my Uncle Steven who I never had the chance to meet.  He was born on November 29th, 1950 and died on December 23rd, 1950 due to broncho pneumonia.  He was only 24 days old.

I want to ensure he is never forgotten and an internet post will ensure this.  His death was something that was never discussed in the family and I only recently learned that my mom had a twin – Steven.  He has been on my mind and I recently was able to confirm his burial site.  Visiting it gave me a peaceful feeling and I hope that I’m able to meet him in whatever comes after I die.

Steven’s Interment record
Steven is buried above my great grandfather Felix in a wooden box that cost $10

Cemetery Information:

Mount Calvary Cemetery
1685 National Road, Wheeling, WV 26003
Tel: 304-242-0460
Grave coordinates: 40°03’39.2″N 80°40’04.3″W

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