Journal Entry – The end of summer free time

It is 6:55 PM on Monday July 29th, 2019. My summer bachelorhood ends in a few days. I spoke about this in my previous post but it is still on my mind. This free time is something I cannot wait for about a month before the family takes off for Japan. But as I’ve said for the past couple of years the euphoria only lasts for about a week and a half. The rest is filled with depression.

I could tell it was depression as I didn’t want to go out, my thoughts turned dark and I was generally in a lethargic mood. I had to rally myself numerous times by working out, going to karate and keeping myself busy with a very deep cleaning of the house and general maintenance. Sometimes it was difficult to get up and go do those things.

This state of mind would seem very odd to me had I known I’d feel that way a month before my family left. I would have thought I’d be filled with energy, going out, biking up the mountain, engaging in all sorts of activities I normally do not have the time for.

Now that I have only a few days left most of those activites are now out of reach. I have work, final items on the to-do list and only weekdays left. Looking back I did accomplish a lot but it was all over in a blink. That is what happens when you get older, the days and months pass by very quickly and you’re on autopilot most of the time. Life goes by and suddenly you’re two years older.

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By Mateo de Colón

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