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My wife recently got an Apple 3-series watch.  This made me think I might start wearing a watch again.  I haven’t worn a watch since 2004 but took a look in my drawer and found my old G-Shock watch that my wife got me as a birthday present when we were dating back in 2004. I never wore it because I had become accustomed to looking at my cell phone for the time.

Well, since I’ve recently been experimenting with limiting my personal information on the internet, cutting back on apps and trying to disconnect a little and have been reminiscing about the ’80s I thought it might be a good time to try wearing a watch again.  I like things from my past and this G-Shock watch is special since it was given to me by my wife.  And I have a fascination with the passage of time – this is one of the reasons I start my posts with the time and date.

It didn’t turn on and so I took it to Macy’s today to see if they could replace the battery and it is interesting how things turned out.  Now, while I was rummaging through my drawer I also found my old Guess watch that I wore in high school.  It also didn’t work due to the battery so I took that along as well.  I went to the Serramonte Macy’s; the traffic around there was terrible and Macy’s was packed.

The attendant at the watch counter just told me to leave the watches and come back in half an hour.  I said that was fine and walking out of Macy’s saw a massage place so decided to get a quick 20 minute back massage.  I then went back to Macy’s but he didn’t have time yet to look at my watches.  He saw me and got to work right away.  I waited for about 20 minutes and then he told me he had good news and bad news.  The good news was that he replaced the battery in the Guess watch and it worked fine.  The G-Shock had a solar battery which he was currently out of but there was a place right in front of Target that should have those batteries.

I found that place but there were two customers in front of me.  She eventually took my watch but that it would take some time.  I was getting anxious because I needed to pick up a crab net before 4:00 PM when the Pacifica store would close. The lady at the watch store told me she had another employee coming in about 15 minutes and that the battery would cost $45.  I couldn’t wait any longer so took my watch and headed out of the mall.  Once I hit the sunlight the G-Shock turned on!  The attendant at Macy’s told me the battery was near dead but I wondered if that was because it just hadn’t been charged in about 15 years.

So I went to the fishing store, bought the crab net and headed home.  I left my G-Shock in the sunlight for the rest of the day and it is mostly charged now.  I’ll see tomorrow morning if it still holds a charge. If it does the battery should still be good and not need replacing but if it is dead then it would be the battery and I’ll happily spend the $45.

Here is a picture of the 2004 G-Shock watch.  I think it looks pretty cool and again, since it is from my past and was given to me by my wife I think I’ll start wearing it again.  Now I just need Motorola to come out with an updated RAZR phone again.  I almost forgot there is one other item and then my transformation will be complete.

Keeping with the theme of selecting items only from my past I thought I should have a pair of Oakley sunglasses.  I had originally thought I’d just try to repair the ones I wore for my high school graduation in 1995 but those are beyond repair and it is near impossible to get replacement parts.  So I went on Amazon and found these:

They are similar to what I had back in 1995 and at a discounted price of $145 compared to $199 that come in different shades.  I think these will be a birthday present and thus complete my retro wardrobe of sunglasses, a jean jacket and a 15 year old watch.  I’m starting to feel cool again. But I am still 40 years old and since it is 8:38 PM is now past my bedtime.


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