Journal Entry – October 16th, 2015

It is Friday morning at 6:44 am.  My bachelorhood is coming close to an end with the return of the family from Japan on Monday.  This has me thinking of all the chores I have yet to do and luckily I’ve been very productive and only have cleaning the upstairs bathroom as well as laundry left.  I’ve already: cleaned the car, coated the porch swing, cleaned the refrigerator and straightened up the house.

There is one other and that is fixing my son’s computer.  I actually swapped the older model out for the newer but it appears the graphics card was failing.  I really just wanted to swap it out for the same model and found a slightly used on on  The problem is it has taken over a month to get here and from an e-mail from UPS am hoping it will arrive today.  I really need it to be up and running by the time he gets home.  This computer can run Windows 10 but if it turns out that the problem is something other than the graphics card I could put the older model back but unfortunately it has some graphics problems as well, just not as severe.

I had a dream last night about my youngest and that he had grown into a toddler from when I last saw him as a baby.  He could walk around and was very heavy to hold.  This made me pretty sad as I really missed the baby version.  However, since we’ve been Skyping daily I see he hasn’t turned into that toddler yet and am a looking forward to giving them both very big hugs the minute they walk out of customs.

I’ve been extremely productive since they’ve been gone which has made the time go quickly.  I’ve done everything I wanted to do – in addition to the chores – which are:  go to the Renaissance Faire, attend my 20 year high school reunion, scan a massive amount of family pictures in, upload the pictures so they can be shared, find graves of my ancestors and made progress on my ancestry.  The house is also now decorated for Halloween and so the only thing left is to get my family back which I cannot wait for!

As for today, we have our monthly sales call which should go well, and go meet with a colleague in SF.  I’m really hoping the graphics card arrives today so I can check fixing the computer off my list.  I also need to get to the grocery since I’ll have a cookout with friends tomorrow which we have themed Oktoberfest.  I’ll also need to clean up after that party and will go ahead and make that an entire household clean on Sunday.

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By Mateo de Colón

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