Starbucks Gold Card

Starbucks - Gold Card

I’ve got elite status at Starbucks for another year.


Because one of my biggest pet-peeves is being late and here in the Bay Area being late is pretty easy to do with the traffic; especially because Californians are not very good drivers and it is almost a certainty that there will be an accident on the 101 and/or 280 which will back everything up for miles.

So, I leave the house very early for my appointments and go sit in a Starbucks and drink coffee until the appointment.  It isn’t even that I’m that fond of the taste of coffee; it is the caffeine buzz which I’m after and I often picture everyone waiting in line for coffee to a laboratory mouse whose water is laced with drugs.

We brew coffee at the house every morning but just recently I started taking it with me.  Even though I already have coffee I’ll still end up at Starbucks because it is the best place to wait and I can also people watch.  Furthermore, Starbucks is everywhere so it is pretty convenient and again, I’m always much too early for meetings.

But honestly, $4 for a coffee?  Starbucks = fourbucks.  I’ll usually get the cheap regular Pike’s Place but on occasion I like a  venti mocha.  I’m always impressed when people order a coffee that takes 23 words or so to explain.  I probably know 5 coffee types at Starbucks on a good day.  How do people come up with these super special coffees?  I mean wouldn’t one have to take a class and sample the endless varieties in order to find their favorite?

As they often say in Catholic school, “it’s a mystery.”

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