E-mail to Mutsumi 4.19.2003


Yea, you can call me too if you ever get bored.  But I must warn you, I’m really bad at making plans and usually I call only about an hour before to see if someone wants to go out that night.  I hate making plans too far in advance especially if it’s just going out.  But my friends and I do often go out in Takadanobaba and I would like for you to join us anytime!

Yes, be careful on the Saikyo line!  I know all about the Chikans.  Actually I think some guy tried to feel my ass in a crowded train on the Yamanote line last week.  I turned around and looked at him right in the eye like I was going to kill him and I think he got a little scared.  Maybe he was gay or just a weirdo.  I don’t know what he was doing.  There are a lot of weird people in Tokyo.

I’ll need your number if I’m going to call you!  I was just out in Roppongi last night so I don’t know if I’ll be going out for a while but give me a call or I’ll call you ok!


—– Original Message —–
From: Mutsumi
To: Mateo
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 12:41 PM
Subject: I know everything!!

> ca va?
> yeah, Fumika told me so.
> you guys are gonna start it from this Thursday, right?
> sounds great!
> she should be so excited..i guess.
> when I saw her last time (Sun.), she said that
> she hadn’t got your reply yet regarding when you would be available.
> she was so worried that you wouldn’t like the idea of doing it..things
> that.
> anyway..she mailed me to say she was so happy to know you didn’t mind what
> she had asked you to do.
> I hope everything’s gonna be fine by now.. 🙂
> please take good care of her! promise me !!
> she is my best friend. indeed..
> I work at Gotanda now.
> and it takes me about 1 hour and a quarter or so.
> what I hate the most is…I need to take the Saikyo-Line.
> woooooo,  you know how bad it is..eh?
> I need to make up my mind before May whether I stay or not.
> I was definitely the side of saying “NO”, but..thinking of it seriously
> 🙁
> well..I’ll see.
> I’m going to the concert tonight!
> Last week I went to the musical! and I’ll go to another concert next
> But the next week’s concert is the last one which I have tickets for,,so
> far.
> I need to find something exciting though.
> oki doki
> you can tell me whenever you get bored.
> then we have fun!!
> I wonder if it’s OK to see you before Fumika’s wedding..
> ha ha.. just kidding 🙂
> talk to you later
> ciao
> mu-ko

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