Journal Entry – 8.7.1992

A couple of days ago I came back from Ceder Point. At the Holidome where we stayed me and Ryan met two good looking girls. I went up to talk to them and after we talked a while me and Ryan went to play put-put. The girls followed us and we ended up playing put-put together. During our second game they closed down but we still wanted to talk (they had bikini tops and boxers on they were also barefoot which made it better).  We went and sat on the steps and talked to them till 2:30 in the morning. They were staying till Friday and we were leaving the next day. It was great though because every time my girl who was sitting right next to me turned around she put her leg on me she also kept putting her foot on my foot. I would have a girlfriend right now if she didn’t live in Indiana. I got her address and I really hope I see her again in my lifetime, her name was Tiffany. (she had sandy blond short hair and was very nice)

Today I went to Grandview and me and tony went on a little bike, scooter ride we rode down this huge hill at mock 10 and almost ran into the railroad tracks.

I’m leaving for Tennessee in 2 days and going to get loads of fireworks then going to Hocking Hills the following week. Ryan is being a dick he expects me to get him 14 dollars worth of fireworks for free and was yelling about me taking a dollar fee well just for that I’m going to make it a 5 dollar fee without him knowing it.

I went to two open mats this week and went weight lifting at the gym it is very nice.

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Past me -You’ll never see Tiffany again!  But that’s OK because eventually you discover Japan.  🙂

By Mateo de Colón

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