Journal Entry – English Class 12.10.1991

Theme:  Three wishes could definitely make me (un) happy

We put the Christmas tree up last night which was fun.  I can’t wait till Christmas.  I asked for a Viking’s hat, Game Boy, Met’s Starter jersey, mini-backboard with metal rim, two Genesis games: Phantasy Star III, Shining in the Darkness.

All we need now is some snow.  I heard we are supposed to get some soon and when we do it will be great.  I don’t see my friends as much as I used to because of wrestling practice till 6:00 pm and then I have homework.  I figure if nobody else gives me homework I can get my math done in study hall then have practice and have time for friends at 6:30.  If I had three wishes I would wish I could go back to 8th grade with everybody in my class because back then everything was easy and fun.  Once a week me, Matt Cacchio, Jason Cecutti, Kevin Dawson and Tony Morris would go out to eat after school at Ritzy’s except sometimes we went to Taco Bell or Subway because all three of the restaurants were right next to each other.  

Shining in the Darkness

By Mateo de Colón

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