Super Blood Moon – 9.27.2015

(This picture was taken using a Meade telescope and putting my Galaxy S6 Edge camera phone up to the lens)

I was lucky enough to catch the “Super Blood Moon” last night.  During the day there were high clouds and a little fog so I was unsure if it was going to be visible.  The clouds were still a problem when the moon first began to rise but with 20 minutes left to spare of the total eclipse it appeared.

I had Pedro over along with one of his friends and we had to set up in the front of the house to get a view.  As it turned out the best way to capture it was my method of putting the mobile phone camera up to the telescope lens.  Since the moon was in shadow it didn’t give off a lot of light which made capturing a decent shot a little bit more difficult than usual.

So, this post is my place marker where I can look back 18 years from now when I’m hopefully watching the next big “Super Blood Moon” with my grown children and say, “Yep, I caught the last one way back in 2015.”  They didn’t catch this one since they are all in Japan having fun without me as I had to return to work back here in the USA.

Life is short and rare celestial events work very well to place mark one’s time on this planet.  The previous Super Blood Moon was in 1982 and I was five – I am now 38 and in 2033 I will be 56.

I look forward to referencing this post when I’m 56.  I wonder if these links will still work then:

EarthSky Link:


Tonight’s moon was all these things:

  1. supermoon – moon both full and in perigee
  2. blood moon – fourth and final lunar eclipse
  3. harvest moon – occurred days after the fall equinox

By Mateo de Colón

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